AMA STL ChapterHave you ever wanted to know more about marketing in one weekend than you ever thought possible? Attend the AMA Leadership Summit 2014! Held this year in Chicago, I had the honor of attending with three other stellar board members. We joined a group of other chapters from around the nation to partake in this learning packed conference.


Marketers Make Learning Fun

What stood out the most was how open and friendly the other attendees were. I feel as though I learned more by asking them questions at times than I did from the amazing break-out sessions. The sessions were tremendous though.

Fantastic Discussions

I particularly enjoyed a CMO panel where Dennis Dunlap, the CEO of AMA┬áinterviewed Kim Feil, President of the CMO Club, Mary Garrett, VP of Marketing and Communications of Global Sales & Distribution at IBM, and Rob Malcolm, who is on the boards of Hershey’s, Logitech, and the AMA.

CMO Panel

Here they gave their predictions for the future of marketing as well as what marketers should be doing with the massive amounts of data being collected. Rob Malcolm received applause when he said there is never a better time to be a marketer.

We had sessions on effective leadership, public speaking, and creating better community engagement.

The More Insights the Better

On Friday evening, our keynote speaker was Al Callier, VP of Strategic Innovation & Emerging Technology for Universal. My main takeaway from his speech was to always nail the basics and then build from there. A solid campaign should be built like a pyramid where the base is built on sound guaranteed practices moving up to the pinnacle for new, innovative ideas — which of course are risky and could fail. Attempting these in conjunction with sound practices is common sense!


Sunday, the final day of our conference Simon T. Bailey, author and international speaker, invited us to shift our brilliance by continuing to do what works. His challenge, make three columns: Start, Stop, Continue. Write down what you need to do. And also make sure you are in an environment that encourages innovation.

Would I Go Again?

In a word- absolutely! Overall, I was pleased with the balance of AMA specific content worked in with concepts I could use in my professional life. Looking forward to an excellent year on the board and getting to work with fellow amazing marketers!