I know I am not alone in feeling inadequate.  So what do you do when you feel lost, stuck, less than what you wish you could be?

Right now this applies to my work situation, which at times can feel like a representation of my life.

In a quick search for career improvement I found the book The Pathfinder, by Nicholas Lore, which was posted in an article (original here).

This list was super encouraging. I wanted to post it in the hope that someone else might find solace in the fact that a better or ideal career match is possible.

person meditating with animals
How I feel most days. Also, the cat is super cute!

The Benefits of a Career That Fits . . .

  • You enjoy better health, a longer life, more vitality
  • You have enhanced personal and professional relationships and are more fun to be around
  • You’re more successful and more productive
  • You have heightened self-esteem
  • You become a better role model for people of all ages
  • You lead a life that counts
  • You look forward to life
  • You have a deeper, richer, more authentic sense of humor

The Costs . . . . .

  • You would have to control your impulse to constantly remind your friends how much you enjoy your career
  • You would lose some of your best reasons to complain
  • People will talk behind your back
  • You will not be a member of the biggest, most popular club
  • It takes more heart, more energy, and more commitment
  • You would have to exchange comfort for vitality

That last one is still sinking in. I am accustomed to a certain lifestyle and perhaps with that comes corresponding expectations. It is such a privilege to even have the time, the resources to want more from a place of already having so much. My needs are met in the most fundamental (and beyond) sense.

So what do I want? Clarity.

And you can’t put a price tag on that.