water guatemala
Photo: Courtesy of Rob Harrison

How refreshing is pure clean water on a sweltering summer day? Our team experienced the joy that pure, revitalizing water can bring to a thirsty community. When I signed up for Team Living Water’s (the race team that raises money for clean drinking water) trip to Guatemala I had know idea what lay ahead.  Organized by Living Water International, our group of 12 ventured to the village of Los Lotes, Guatemala to build a well. When fresh, pure,  “limpio” water gushed from the earth I felt the joy of what we had accomplished. This well would be the source of better health for the 45 families in the village both now and for many generations to come.

team living water
Photo: Courtesy of Rob Harrison

To say it was a remarkable experience would be an understatement. The entire process from ground breaking to the final ceremony — with the singing of the Guatemalan national anthem, the children dancing, and thanks from the mayor of the region —  took my breath away. pumping water

What was most remarkable was the joy and love from the community members. Yes, their lifestyle was a jolting comparison to the fast-paced, tech driven culture I have grown accustomed to. And in their simplicity was joy and smiles, love and compassion.  But their was more. Mothers with unspoken concerns about the futures of their children. And the children were joyful, yet was this the life they in fact wanted?

Leaving the village was that much harder. It left me with mixed emotions. Gutemala kids

May we never take forgranted all the blessings we have been given. And at the same time, how can we continue to give back to those all around us? Returning stateside I didn’t want to lose the feeling of wonder I experienced throughout the week. I will continue to look up at the sky and breath deeply in awe of the wonder of creation. I feel so incredibly blessed to have had the chance to experience this with the Team Living Water crew. Getting to know each person throughout the week made the experience even sweeter- like a refreshing, pure glass of water.