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Just Say “Yes” to Pet Adoption

Noel is the sweetest dog ever. Her beautiful brown eyes light up when she plays catch with her favorite squeaky toy- squeaker still intact! The love we have for our pets should be universal, sadly that is not always the case.


But I do not want to focus on downside, but instead the love, joy and satisfaction a rescued pet can have in your life. Noel as a puppy was trampled by a horse and had to have pins placed in her back leg. She could have been considered a “throw-away,” and not given a chance. This would be a tragedy. Her spirit is infectious – as a fighter in her early life – and now as a lover. Her warmth resonates with strangers and family alike. I hope someday you will be lucky enough to have a “Noel” in your life.

Adopt today!

Prayers for Oklahoma

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Oklahoma as they continue to recover and rebuild:


You can donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund here.


Don’t forget about the pets too!

Central Oklahoma Humane Society
The Central Oklahoma Humane Society needs: towels, paper towels, bleach, gloves and crates to help with lost and injured animals.

“Currently our greatest need is financial donations to help us treat and house lost and injured animals at our facilities,” via their site.


Donations can be made online here and should be designated for the “OK Humane Disaster Relief Fund.”

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