We all know that volunteering our time to worthy causes significantly helps those organizations. We also know that donations in the form of financial gifts allow for continued operations.  Both are important and matter tremendously.

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But what if you selected a career that allowed you to donate half your resources to charity? Some with the intellectual and career ability are selecting jobs with philanthropy in mind.

And as mentioned before, this is not simply a donation to a favorite charity on occasion. Some individuals have chosen high paying careers with the express intent to donate half of their income.

These individuals may not be on the same level as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates financially speaking, but their donations will have significant financial outcomes.

The Washington Post chronicled Jason Trigg, an intelligent MIT graduate working on Wall Street. His salary doesn’t go into fancy cars, expensive vacations or nice dinners. Instead he donates half his salary to Against Malaria Foundation, where $2,500 is what is required to save one life.

Via Against Malaria's site
Via Against Malaria’s site

In many cases, donating on this level might not be feasibly. But in other cases, opting for this type of giving would mean a serious reevaluation of current living standards.  So would you donate half your income to charity?