When I was six, I learned to see a new type of beauty. That’s when my little sister was born. My little sister Anna has a rare chromosome anomaly and would never grow up to look “normal” like me or my brother.  And why should she?  She is beautiful.

Beauty is about living an exuberant life.

With her beautiful blue eyes that shine when she smiles, she lives in the moment more than anyone I know. She has an insatiable desire to go swimming, watch Denise Austin Pilate’s workouts and get dressed up in frilly dresses.  I want the world to know that individuals like her are beautiful.

Me, Anna and dad
Me, Anna and dad

That is why it was so refreshing to learn about fashion photographer Rick Guidotti and his organization Positive Exposure. His non-profit organization is dedicated to highlighting the beauty of genetic diversity and challenging the stigmas associated with differences in appearance.1

Photo by Rick Guidotti
Photo by Rick Guidotti

NBC recently featured Guidotti. He has an extensive background in the fashion world working in New York, Milan, Paris, and London for everyone from Elle to Yves Saint Laurent.1 However, after seeing startling images of those with certain genetic conditions he decided to photograph their true beauty.

I love and appreciate what he has done.  His photographs capture the vibrancy, joy and beauty of so many remarkable individuals. There is so much beauty that comes from individuals who are not seen as ‘conventionally’ beautiful.

you are beautiful

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