OMG GMOYesterday evening, my friend and I ventured out into the wintery evening to watch the premier of the independent food documentary: GMO OMG!

GMO OMG is not a film that will answer all your questions about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). It does however show how ubiquitous GMOs have become and highlights the struggle to preserve biodiversity in seeds.  This award winning film, directed and featuring  Jeremy Seifert raised many questions for me: Are GMO crops better? Should we be labeling? Where is the conclusive scientific evidence supporting or disproving the long term impact of GMOs?

This movie doesn’t propose all the answers. Instead, it is a journey, Jeremy as a father takes along his path of determining what he would like to feed his family. So if you are in-favor of GMOs, would never eat GMOs or have never even heard of them- this movie offers a perspective that should be seen.

GMO with Director
With the Director, Jeremy Seifert

Check out more at: the film’s website.

Catch a preview by viewing the trailer.

So would you see it? And what are your thoughts on eating or not eating GMOS?